When setting objectives and targets, an organisation must consider its legal and other requirements, its significant environmental aspects, its technological options, its financial

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Turnaround Consulting

Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.

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Health & Safety

As we all know keeping up to date with current legislation can be a constant battle and can be regarded as an unwanted diversion from the day to day running of your business.

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Equine Health and Safety

Schapel Consulting is a specialist Health and Safety and Human Resources Consultancy established to assist equine businesses in ensuring they meet their Health and Safety legal responsibilities.

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Quality Systems

A quality management system (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction.

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Product Certification

Schapel Consulting has developed a unique and practical approach to the installation of Quality Management Systems, which are easy to apply while meeting all the requirements of the required standards.

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Financial Projections

This stops companies from taking drastic measures like downsizing or closing down sites; those things happen only with no or bad financial projections.

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International Business Opportunities

We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as we use our international experience.

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Business Planning, Strategy & Execution

Execution is the single most important part of the whole process, poor execution can result in a lot of lost time and money.

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Philip Jardie
Director, PPE SAFETY

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